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Quote from Dr de Bono:
"Dennis R Perrin, I am recommending your training"
Dr Edward de Bono, 2003


Since 1999 Dennis has become a foremost de Bono trainer, having trained, for instance the following clients:

  • Du Pont executives in Shanghai
  • Moller-Maersk international managers in Tangier
  • Senior lecturers, Norwich City College
  • Major bank in the city of London
  • Teachers and professors at Oxford Brookes university

So you can be confident that Dennis R Perrin's Edward de Bono Thinking Training workshops will give you and your people the direction and confidence to develop creativity as a skill.


Quote from Dennis R Perrin:
"A student in one of my thinking training classes at Oxford University, in year 2002, a professor from the USA, joined some workshops because he had attended a talk by Dr de Bono and wished to further develop his thinking skills in the Six Thinking Hats. He is interesting because he helps young people (from the backward to the gifted) and writes books on humour; yet realised there is still room for personal improvement."


General benefits of de Bono Thinking Training Courses

Some of Dennis R Perrin's past clients include: Norwich City College, Amro Bank, Du Pont, Oxford Brookes University, Hicklin-Slade, OPP, World Society for Protection of Animals, and Moller-Maersk.


Courses include Dr de Bono general thinking skills (DATT), skilled use of the Six Thinking Hats, and a comprehensive understanding of and practical skill in Lateral Thinking.

A two-day course in The Six Thinking Hats gives the "Blue Hat Wearer" qualification: able to facilitate meetings in the Six Thinking Hats.

There are also perceptual thinking skills courses, i.e., DATT - Direct Attention Thinking Tools.


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Dr Edward de Bono

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Thinking Training

Today we use the same critical argument type thinking as developed by Socrates.

De Bono creative thinking is your greatest asset. Start developing those latent possibilities now!






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