Dennis R Perrin

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Belief, Believing, and Questioning!

Mass programming is what often happens to the vast majority when they believe what they are told. But, if you can smell a rat, it's probably because there is a rat. Rats are intelligent and cunning but they can be exterminated, because they spread diseases.

May 13th 2020


Even if the authority seems right at the time, we need to question and we need to do independent research. Authors like David Irving and Nicholas Kollerstrom are renowned for independent research, hence they are negatively labelled and their works are ridiculed by those in authority who would like to shape our minds to conform to their political authority.

The more emotional the problem (terrorism, novichok, enemies, pandemics) the more we need to stop and take stock. Just as in hindsight, the weapons of mass destruction in Iraq did not exist, at the time the mainstream media convinces that they do exist, because the political agenda had already been planned well in advance.

Slogans Attack Thinking

When whole populations are constantly bombarded with simple slogans, beware! Thinking is an individual action that takes time and patience. We might be wrong, we might be right but seeking out alternative solutions is the loyal thing to do since human integrity symbolises all that is good in being human. We may not need to be 100% correct. It is easy to just believe. When we think and do our own research alone, we are not alone. There are millions of other researchers doing the same thing. We are putting individual integrity before bowing to the pressures of the majority.


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