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Pandemic or Plandemic!

May 11th 2020

Dr Andrew Kauffman has another take on the "virus" problem.

Doctor Kaufman is a medical professional researcher, who illustrates, using the CDC’s technical data, how the public is being manipulated.

May 12th 2020

The UK Government's Covid Recovery Plan

Some Notes by Dennis on the UK Government's 50-page
Covid Recovery Plan published 11th March 2020:

Extract - “If all people at lower personal risk were allowed to resume their lives exactly as before the outbreak, this would increase the level of risk to those that are more vulnerable.”

This above statement (italicised) from the "Recovery Plan" means that the vulnerable will always be "at risk". This is true all the time, covid or no covid. The same could be said about influenza or any other disease. (Vaccines have not cured influenza. Many vaccines cause extra damage.)

Covid 19 is a “new virus” apparently not understood anywhere in the world. Healthy people transmit it therefore all people must change their way of life (except perhaps those with private jets, yachts, private islands etc.)

No vaccine has cured influenza. People die with covid but not of covid! There are more deaths from influenza. Covid gives no reason to panic; the panic seems to be to generate the fear necessary to justify a lockdown.

Nothing is known (!) about the “virus” yet the control of people’s lives is very important (for most of the world’s governments). Absolute statements made by the 50-page Government Plan are made without giving any evidence e.g. “eradication of the virus is very unlikely”. Why? Because a lockdown is needed to keep the public in check and controlled by big brother so that future "Pandemics" can then produce lockdowns at no notice?

Care homes deaths figures are only lately being revealed to support the “covid argument”. Care homes deaths would be higher anyway but the deaths are emphasised so that covid can be seen to be a justified "killer disease".

Fear of contagion is a psychological infection of the whole population and the imposed inconveniences, fear and panic imposed on older people are actually much worse than the so-called "disease" itself.

Constant talk of a “second wave pandemic” adds to the fear and suggests hidden government agenda.

Who decides what businesses are essential? [Surely people not government decide what is essential for them!?]

“Led by the science” is misleading since there are many scientific views. "The science" chosen supports the UK government's lockdown agenda. There’s good science suggesting the virus doesn’t actually exist! The mainstream media fear that is being generated by them, and lockdown instructions suggests political control going well beyond most reasonable "medical science".

Scary illustrations of “viruses” on TV News suggests something that is unconfirmed and not understood, and most probably the covid 19 virus just doesn’t exist. But the media are determined sensationally to make the imaginary "virus" exist in our minds.

Suggesting that “mild symptoms” demand self isolation may make the problem worse since in isolation natural immunity is not being developed.

Mr Johnson’s near-death experience “in St Thomas’s Hospital” does not convince that a virus exists but only entrenches the reason to continue lockdown, since a possibility of political hidden agenda does exist (e.g. UN Agenda 21 and Event 201, a global pandemic exercise, suggest using “pandemics” for enforcing greater political control. Event 201 meetings of October 2019 also suggest that a pandemic is planned and on the way). If people don't behave, the next one may be worse?

Emphasis on drugs and vaccines generate widespread public acceptability as a way out of the lockdown, creating anticipation and hope in the population for drugs dependency, while natural immunity and personal antibodies are ignored.

Isolating may be counterproductive for good all-round health but beneficial only for governments and political control.

Like a new religion the “new virus” helps create mass belief and those who question the belief are accused of not “saving lives”. [Only those who believe will be “saved”!]

The constant threat of “going back to lockdown” ensures obedience just as not so long ago, just three or four decades, the threat of going to hell was the promised punishment for not going to church. [“The Virus” may be the non-existent modern version of the old non-existent version of social control: “Hell”.]

It's interesting that celebrities and political leaders who "get covid" are well advertised on news bulletins. All news bulletins about covid are practically identical. Very little critical questions are being asked about what this so-called virus is really about, behind the scenes. Is there a hidden agenda and What is the hidden political agenda - social control? Entrenchment of political power? Why?

People who don’t believe or question the mantra that “there must be a virus” tend to be treated as “heathens” or lepers since it’s assumed that disbelievers in covid are not “saving lives”. Yet there are many people today who quite rightly simply don’t believe the high priests of modern TV political news propaganda.

The talk of a "new normal" is extremely disconcerting since the reasoning behind it is using a chosen aspect of "medical science" to enforce political extremism using the police and physical coercion: the threats of fines to prevent people's natural freedoms being exercised. The government seems to think that it is generous of it to first take away 100% of people's rights and then give back 2% now and again using very flimsy evidence. The evidence is mostly emotional fear and aggressive TV News broadcasting nothing else. Hardly any news from other countries is given and no news from countries not using the lockdown technique.

While the UK government's covid recovery plan admits the harmful effects of their implemented lockdown, the hospitals are practically empty, no one knows of any local people infected, families do not have covid, and only care homes with elderly people are dying of old age - but being covid labelled to reinforce the propaganda.

The "testing and tracing" in all probability will be invasive and unnecessary. The covid runaway train without a driver so-called pandemic seems to me to be a political arm of social control that can only lead to social control on a level with the already devised one world government. That is why so many countries are doing exactly the same thing in the same way at the same time. The solution to the assumed pandemic softens up the trusting public to accept future encroachments on their liberty, one step at a time, in the name of "Saving the NHS" and "Saving Lives". These sound-good phrases are in my opinion the thin end of the wedge for greater political control in people's lives. Nothing whatever to do with "health".


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