Dennis R Perrin

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SHAH! And the Escape Rope!

The magic of SHAH is the magic in the power of your own mind.

April 30th 2020


While sometimes we need a little mainstream media news, most of the time we need our own positive and creative thinking. An escape rope from media attraction is "Wrope Ten".

Wrope, Power of 10
Wrope ten cures by combating ill health.
Net Rescue = belief in thinking.
Wrope, anagram of power; Wrope's power lies in carrying out in practice one or some of the escape-rope items.
Wrope 10 . . . Ten Rescues:

  1. Opening up curative ideas

  2. Creating alternatives

  3. Liberation from power politics [covid lockdown undermines]

  4. Anti authoritarianism

  5. Learning the tools of Thinking Training

  6. De Bono Bonting: see his latest book

  7. Belief in the good self

  8. Wrope = Power of Ten

  9. Creativity substitutes for negativity

  10. Good health replaces illnesses


Dennis R Perrin ◦ 30/4/2020 Actions To Good Health & Vibrancy.
See also: new message on the current pandemic May 11th 2020.