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Thinking and Edward de Bono

Dr de Bono is established as the world authority on thinking and creative thinking. His thinking is sought world-wide by governments and corporations, schools and colleges, and individuals. He has written 80 books about lateral thinking - the term he coined in the sixties - Six Thinking Hats, parallel thinking, practical thinking, serious creativity etc.

Edward de Bono

Photo taken by Dennis at a lunch with Dr de Bono.

August 2nd 2020

Perception is to do with how the brain actually works not how philosophers would like it to work. The brain works by organising patterns that protect the organism. Incoming information becomes rigid and is protected emotionally as evidenced in religious belief and political argument. The de Bono thinking tools help to break out of these patterns and generate individual ideas that are relevant.

Thinking is Needed Now More than Ever!
Accredited trainers are specially trained in the ways designed by Dr de Bono that impart thinking skill to maximum effect. There are materials, workbooks, methods and systems that create the realisation of the huge difference between using frameworks for thinking and normal thinking.

Training in thinking skills is enjoyable, fun, and focused. Everyone gets a chance to shine because everyone can learn the tools. As with any skill, some people will be better than others, but everyone will improve. What happens is that when course attendees start using tools and frameworks as indicated by the trainer, the difference is startling. Instead of ego, emotion and status masquerading as thinking, even people previously thought to be uncreative start to have ideas.