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Dennis R Perrin
(Accredited Edward de Bono Trainer since 1999)

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Dennis R Perrin, left, runs most Dr de Bono training from this site
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Dr Edward de Bono's

Thinking Training

Welcome! From Dennis R Perrin, to my new de Bono Training website. (Benefits of Thinking Training.) I've been accredited and privileged since 1999 to have been a de Bono Trainer globally. From training Du Pont executives in Shanghai, international managers from Moller-Maersk in Tangier, Oxford Brookes University and many others, I will have the experience and know-how to train your people. These Dr de Bono workshop choices (Thinking Training established 1999) are as follows:

Four-hour, one- or two-day training in the Six Thinking Hats

Four-hour, one- or two-day training in Lateral Thinking

Four-hour or one-day training in DATT - Direct Attention Thinking Tools

learn the datt tools now!