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Acorn and Die!

Written for Deep Thoughts Members

When an acorn dies it gives birth to a fantastic oak tree that can live for thousands of years. The acorn held within it all the ingredients for the tree to grow provided it got planted in the right place at the right time. An oak tree is much more interesting than an acorn but without the acorn there can be no oak tree.

The ACORN and DIE concepts are useful to use to aid our thinking habits, as follows:


The ACORN concept is a new concept, a verb, to acorn something.

E.g., I want to acorn the truth movement.

“The truth movement is a bunch of intelligent folks mostly on the internet who discover and invent alternative theories pertaining to new events both of history and live events. Choosing events seems to be chosen for the truth movement since the movement responds to mass media events as if those events are important.”

 The acorn concept means that anyone’s acorn is acceptable, by mutual agreement. It just is.

The above acorn paragraph is my SIMPLE acorn of the truth movement. You can make yours much more interesting! What’s important is that the acorn is created anew, one’s own opinion or idea. It’ not cut and paste!

Now we come to DIE, which is also simple and straightforward.


The death of the acorn produces a great tree and once we have acorned any particular notion we do a DIE exercise. The die exercise moves on from the acorn just as the oak tree has moved on from the acorn. So let’s design some or at least one interesting enterprise from having acorned the truth movement. In life there’s always something that comes out of death. So whether or not my acorn is a criticism, something new can come from it. This is what we attempt and do under our DIE heading. We ask ourselves what interesting enterprise can arise from our acorn. The acorn is valid since we ourselves created it from our chosen heading (the “truth movement” is just a rather relevant example).

An interesting die exercise that comes to mind is to group together the various headings that mostly arrive from the truth movement. E.g., Unusual deaths, Disappearances, Public Lies By Politicians, Etc. Those groups themselves can then be acorned from time to time.

Anyone’s ACORN and DIE is valid. The acorn objective is to first understand what we are observing or discussing by forming a paragraph or two of ideas that come to mind. DIE is the attempt to move on. Moving on is very important.

Without the attempt to move on, the acorn lies around on the ground and never becomes a mighty tree.


Dennis R Perrin, August 15th 2019



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