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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How much are the courses?

A:  One to one                    £500.

     Schools, teacher training
£200. One to four teachers.     
                                         £500. Five-20 teachers.
                                         £1000. 21-30 teachers.

     Commercial                     £900. Two delegates.
                                         £2000. Three to five delegates.
                                         £3000. Six-10 delegates.

All fees quoted are for a full day's training.
In addition, there may be travel and/or accommodation expenses.
Larger groups welcome: prices on application.
We reserve the right either to alter these fees without notice or to make exceptions.
Compared to other investments, the De Bono Training offered here is extremely cheap, since the value of your potential ideas is unlimited. Dennis R Perrin also has the flexibility of an active independent trainer, possessing bona fide De Bono accreditations and is free from unnecessary bureaucratic restrictions.

To book, just suggest your preferred training dates! Discuss available courses.

Q: How long do the courses last?

A: Usually the courses are all one day only, i.e., The Six Thinking Hats, Lateral Thinking, and DATT can each be taken over the course of one day. Four-hour courses are possible, as are two-day Six Thinking Hats and Lateral Thinking Courses. For those who wish to become trained to facilitate meetings using the Hats, two days are necessary. You then become a "Blue Hat Wearer" and can charge a fee. The full course in Lateral Thinking takes two days. The complete range of all three thinking courses takes five days.

DATT - Four hours or one day

Six Thinking Hats - Four hours, one or two days

Lateral Thinking - Four hours, one or two days

Q: What are the advantages of the courses?

A: For general thinking skill, which is not usually taught at schools, take the DATT course, which is also the infrastructure for creativity. For release from argument at meetings and to gain productive results, use the Six Thinking Hats; and for Serious Creativity use Lateral Thinking, to generate new ideas and to escape fixed patterns.

Home schooling teaching thinking for children at the parents home is also possible, and has great benefits for a child's future. Children taught thinking do better in other subjects and are generally more confident at home and school after only a few lessons. Practice is very important.


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