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Some Reasons to Think

If you have never thought about a need for some advanced thinking skills, here are some reasons. You will be able to think of more!


We think that because we have been educated sufficiently that there is no need to think. We become complacent, believing that our knowledge is sufficient. If everything is cosy, we don't make an effort to improve or change. So we need to look for areas where we can improve. The need is there but we need to look for where we can improve or change, areas that need new ideas. When you are trained in advanced thinking, a de Bono Tool will come to mind as a prompt. You won't need an outside authority. You will be self-organising in your thinking.


Having been accustomed to being told what to do often leads us into a state of limbo where we simply await instructions. We are not used to having our own ideas and taking initiatives. Leaders have confidence because they think for themselves and then take initiatives. Examples of leadership are positive support of other leaders, suggestions of alternative ways of doing things, especially suggestions of further de Bono Thinking Training for our staff.

Why Let Arrogance and complacency prevent progress?


Emotions are with us all the time and we need them. But impulsive feelings often prevent better thinking.
In the USA, some juries came to their decisions more quickly using the Six Thinking Hats because there was no argument. Instead, a system of thinking was used. The Six Hats method was also used by the head of NTT, at the time the largest company in the world (by stock market value). He bought all his executives the Six Thinking Hats books. This is also true of the head of Prudential who had the Hats woven into the carpet of the HQ foyer.

There is a place for emotions and these are better expressed using a system, rather than the rampant expression mostly practised in argumentative meetings. Argumentative feelings destroy the possibility of fresh constructive ideas. This is one of the greatest values of using the Six Thinking Hats.


Being stuck for ideas is a great reason to think! In school and university we are told what to believe and how to do things. This is fine. Some people who drop out of university then start a successful business because they have their own ideas. Having ideas is part of self-esteem and confidence. Highly intelligent people are often bereft of ideas seeking positions of power in order to foist a single idea on to others. So having ideas includes values especially human values. An idea that might make a lot of money but do damage to people's way of life needs re-evaluation and shaping to fit circumstances.

Intelligent people are often dangerous because their ideas are based on personal emotions that are hidden. This is where advanced thinking exposes dangerous ambition. Our ideas should always put people first. Hidden agenda need transparency so that ideas are not used in a fascist way to rule and control others, but used to inspire and empower others.


Benefits of New Thinking

"The Edward de Bono Thinking Tools are not magic. They just work like magic."