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Some Benefits of Thinking Training

An Essential Addition to Management Training

Improving Our Most Fundamental Asset. Highlights from some of Dennis's de Bono Training follows.

My first client, a retired teacher from Cornwall in 1999 said, "Using the Six Thinking Hats, I am now less stressed and solve problems more easily."

Professor Rick Shade (from the US, likes creativity and writes books on humour) during a training session with Dennis at Oxford Brooks University said that he uses the thinking tools as a supplement in his work with both gifted and backward children.

A business manager from Oxford during a one-to-one workshop said after completing an exercise, "I got more ideas in five minutes than thinking about that problem for the last six months."

Testimony from Dr Edward de Bono in 2003: "Dennis I'm recommending your training to OPP, Oxford."

During an Oxford Brookes University Training Session, one of Dennis's clients, a detective from Kent said, "My superiors sent me to your training to improve my thinking."

"We loved your training": A group of international managers from Du Pont China after a session in Shanghai.

A marketing company in London: "We are going to find the de Bono Tools very useful in the business."

An animal charity in London WSPA, "Dennis made everyone comfortable and took the time to work on relevant issues that will benefit us in the future."

A group of senior lecturers in Norwich City College, "We never thought how important using the black and red hats can be."

An international manager, Moller Maersk, from a group of 35 delegates in Tangier, "I'm so looking forward to seeing you again and taking another course in Dr de Bono's Lateral Thinking."

Knowing that we can think creatively and focus on target is the most important ability in life and business. Knowing something in theory is very different from practical action. The thinking skills are simple, powerful and practical. Important benefits are that anyone can use them, and, the tools always bring results. Proficiency in using the de Bono Tools also creates confidence and self-esteem.

We don't have to remember them all at once. Just using one or two of the tools occasionally makes a big difference. Even a small change is worth having.

"I use the tools almost religiously to establish harmony and happiness in the home. I find them to be an antidote to anger and arrogance. Just the occasional pause and using one of my favourite de Bono tools is now a personal therapy for anger management, negativity, and for the creation of peace."
Dennis R Perrin, de Bono Trainer.


Reasons to Think

"The Edward de Bono Thinking Tools are not magic. They just work like magic."