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Course Structure

How to Structure your Presentation, with Examples

Discussion v Process

Professional Presentation Includes Fun and Discipline

For some people, thinking is such an interesting subject that a lot of discussion about it seems essential. For others, the subject needs no introduction. It's so obvious because we think all the time.

Through long experience Edward de Bono has learned that discussion is interesting, but it does not teach thinking. For delegates to receive maximum return on their investment, some experience in using de Bono tools is the essence of the course. Attendees will find it refreshing that their time is not wasted in general discussion or waffle. This way, everyone will become equipped and enabled to then use their newly acquired tools outside in the real world in life and in business. Even so, some discussion is useful. There will be time for questions and answers.

No one will be talked down to. There are no tricks, puzzles or tests. Everyone receives attention. There will be individual assignments, group work and sometimes people work in pairs. The content of the exercises will be at times abstract, sometimes interesting, occasionally important or topical. The objective is to provide a variety of topics that will give attendees experience in using the tools in different situations. This way, the tools and developed skills will get used in real life and prove beneficial for everyone in real-life business and life situations.

All the Edward de Bono Courses provided by Thinking Training are run by Dennis R Perrin unless otherwise stated. They are designed to be enjoyable and to have high takeaway value. Workbooks and materials are provided, which have to be acquired from a de Bono Distributor. These are included in the course fees which are paid in advance. Please click on the faq link below for fee information. Thank you for taking the time to read this and I look forward to meeting you soon for some training!



"The Edward de Bono Thinking Tools are not magic. They just work like magic."